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Details and Clues Page:


This page is the source for information regarding the CSU Housing and Dining Services February 2018 Treasure Hunt. It will be updated further, as more specific regarding the hunt are made available.

Conclusion:We have received teams' submissions and have determined a winner for the hunt.  We will release the results through communication from the HDS leadership. In the meantime, we have updated each clue with a solving strategy and the intended solution.  

During the hunt team's will receive their clues either through this web page or, if they prefer, though a hard copy distribution system within H & D Services.

Below, under the heading "Clues", each of the five clues will become available at specific times during the hunt. Once each clue is published to the site the "not yet released" label will change to "Released" with a link to that clue. Your team may access and print that clue from the website or, if you prefer, a paper copy/ies of the clue will be available through other channels in the HDS.

Additionally if there are modifications to a clue, or if any team has requested a hint, there will be a note indicating that modifications have been made to the clue page in question and the date and time that the modifications were made(see sample clue below).

For each clue your team will need to either find either a piece of information on the CSU campus


These links will be active at the date and time listed:
Sample Clue: Released - 2/1/18 9:30AM - Will update with solving strategy 2/10/2018

*****Update: there will be updates coming this morning to most clues. We've had questions about solving strategies and hints will be attached to the updated clue pages through the morning, no firm times are yet set, though most will publish before 11:30AM.*****

Clue # 1 - Monday February 19th 11:30AM: Released Updated 2/23/18 7AM
Clue # 2 - Tuesday February 20th 9:30AM: Released
Clue # 3 - Wednesday February 21st 9:30AM: Released
Clue # 4 - Thursday February 22nd 9:30AM: Released
Clue # 5 - Friday February 23th 9:30AM: Released Updated/Corrected 2/23/18 3:30PM
Final Clue Submissions Due: Monday February 26th 12PM - Noon

Each clue requires your team to solve various sorts of puzzles. The solution to the clue will ask for a piece of information to be submitted for the final submission. These pieces of information require that teams collect the information (numbers, dates, quotes, etc....) from around campus or from other public sources.


While the hunt is under way your team may choose to ask for a hint or some help. That is absolutely fine and is an expected, regular occurrence with many Rootles hunts as deciphering the answers is more important than style points. When each clue is uploaded there will be an accompanying form that can be filled out. That form will be delivered to a Rootles representative who will provide some assistance with the clue. Your team should understand that this response will be made through the website for anyone participating to see.

Final Submissions

You have two ways to submit your team's answers for the hunt. Your team may fill out the form below (the easiest for us) or in an email to john at Alternatively you may print and utilize this pdf to submit your answer sheet, sealed in an envelope, to Jean West in Palmer, by 12:00PM (noon) on February 26th.

Team Name:

Contact Name:

Contact Email:

Clue One Submission:

Clue Two Submission:

Clue Three Submission:

Clue Four Submission:

Clue Five Submission:



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